Remnant of Ner'zhul


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Remnant of Ner'zhul Quick Tips


  • Players with the Malevolence debuff need to be dispelled while the raid is in a good position to get knocked back.
  • Move out of Grasp of Malice.
  • Move out of Spite missiles that appear on the ground.



  • Dispel players with Malevolence when they are at the edge of the platform, and the raid is in position to be knocked back.
  • The boss will deal a large burst of damage to the raid at 80%, 60%, and 30% when he casts Shatter.


  • Kill Orb of Torment, then interact with them, run to the edge of the platform, and press the extra action button to toss them off the side.
  • Use Time Warp when the boss sheds his final piece of armor at 30%.


Remnant of Ner'zhul Abilities & Strategy

This encounter largely revolves around the management of Malevolence debuffs, because it is quite easy for players to be knocked off the platform if they are out of position when the debuffs are dispelled. Always position around the center of the platform, which will provide enough safe space to be knocked in either direction when Malevolence is dispelled.

Remnant of Ner'zhul


At 80%, 60%, and 30% health the Remnant of Ner'zhul will deal a burst of the damage to the raid, marking the start of a new phase.

No new abilities are added throughout the fight, they just become slightly more dangerous.


The boss will mark random targets with Malevolence, which is a debuff that will knock everyone back (including the marked player) when it expires or is dispelled.

  • The raid should play around the center of the room, while the marked target runs to the edge and gets dispelled while facing away from the raid.
  • When dispelled, all players are knocked back based on where the marked person was standing.
  • Repeat the process if multiple Malevolence debuffs are active in your raid.

Player with Malevolence running towards the edge of the platform to be dispelled.

Orb of Torment

The boss will occasionally spawn Orb of Torment. The number of orbs spawned increases as the boss fight progresses.

  • Unless struck by Suffering, Orb of Torment take 99% reduced damage.
  • Orbs will cast Torment at random players.
  • Once killed, Orb of Torment should be picked up, carried to the edge, then thrown off by pressing the extra action button that appears.
  • It is best to use mobile classes to carry the Orb of Torment, because they slow they person carrying it.

The tank being targeted by Suffering, and using it to remove the damage reduction debuff from the Orb of Torment..[/center]

Player carrying an Orb of Torment to the edge of the platform and throwing it off.


The boss will occasionally cast Suffering at its current target, shooting out a line and applying a debuff that causes the target and everyone within its path to take 500% increased damage from Suffering.


The boss casting Grasp of Malice.

Grasp of Malice

The boss will aim a frontal cone in a random direction, damaging and knocking away all players who get hit by it.


The boss casting Spite at the raid.

Aura of Spite

The boss will radiate shadow damage, and periodically unleash a barrage of missiles at random players.

  • As the encounter progresses, more and more players will be targeted with the missiles.
  • If struck by a missile, the player will take a large amount of shadow damage and be silenced for 3 seconds.


Heroic Remnant of Ner'zhul

The only change on Heroic is the addition of Lingering Malevolence, which makes it important to always dispel players with Malevolence when they are on the edge of the platform.

Lingering Malevolence

After a Malevolence debuff is dispelled, or times out, a pool of Lingering Malevolence will appear. This pool will deal shadow damage and persist until the end of the encounter.

  • Malevolence dispels should be done on the edge of the encounter area.

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